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Qingdao Yanshan Guiyu Trade Co.,Ltd is an export-oriented company.We have over 20 years experience in foreign trade.We have invested in some big factories in china,so we can supply high-quality products with most competitive price.

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  • Ballpoint Pen-YSGY-4

    Ballpoint Pen-YSGY-4

  • Ballpoint Pen-YSGY-11

    Ballpoint Pen-YSGY-11

  • Gel Pen-YSGYG-3

    Gel Pen-YSGYG-3

  • Gel Pen-YSGYG-8

    Gel Pen-YSGYG-8

  • LED Plastic Bulb

    LED Plastic Bulb

  • LED Aluminum Bulb

    LED Aluminum Bulb

  • LED Smart Bulb

    LED Smart Bulb

  • T8 LED Tube

    T8 LED Tube

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